How to buy

1. How to buy digital goods with AddMyBest
All items for sale or for free download of digital products can be view without registering.
To buy goods click the "Buy" button next to the item.

During the purchase process you will be automatically be registered in the system and you will get e-mail a letter with a temporary password to login. You can later replace it with your own password.

We strongly recommend that you choose your account security question. This is used if you forget your password.

For “Login” use your email address. To pay for your selected product you can use a bank debit cards (only for U.S. residents) and credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Dinners Club), you will can use PayPal soon.

After your payment is validated you get access to a link to download digital good purchase. Carefully read the license/ copyright terms of the digital goods, that you want to buy.

We protect you from unscrupulous sellers.


If after payment you are unable to download your purchase or the product is not the product that was purchased, then you can contact us through the feedback form to site Customer Support with a request to cancel the transaction and get your money back. This also applies if you have downloaded digital goods and they do not conform to the description and item preview. The deadline for filing claims for goods you have purchased is 72 hours (three days) from the date of the transaction, i.e. from the date of remittance to a virtual account of the seller.

If you downloaded a digital product is fully consistent with the description of the seller, you cannot request a refund of your money. We will review the transaction to determine this.

The seller can receive money for goods sold fifteen days after the transaction of sale. This is done to ensure that if there is enough time to resolve any problems with the transaction, and exclude the presence in our system of unscrupulous sellers.

Factors that may be considered as transactions violations include copyright issues and inaccurate information provided by the seller.

Upon request, the seller must provide the buyer, full and comprehensive information on copyrights for goods. If the digital product was created with other people seller must provide names of those involved. For picture or video with models, model releases may be needed. Additional documents confirming the right of the seller to sell the product should be available for viewing by the buyer to a page of the digital goods.

If the seller is an intermediary between the author, authors, and the buyer, the seller must present to the Buyer an agreement with the owner or owners of copyright or a license issued by the copyright owner of this product.

This agreement or license must be uploaded to a secure server SSL certificate  in the “My Document” section. The buyer is also entitled to require the seller to show these documents by using the interface AGAVOO.

The buyer must immediately contact Customer Support, if the buyer has any doubt about digital products copyrighted by the buyer.  Customer Support will quickly check user problems. All accounts of unscrupulous users will be deleted permanently.

For more details see "Terms and conditions".